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Post by Ej on Sun Jan 31, 2010 1:46 am

Ok, 16 plays Last Sunday?

15 - 1?

So i went and did my leans as normal?

Um 16 plays? I was like oh no way come on, who does that lol

SO i went ahead and tossed 40 Bucks on each of them, Ill have about 650 bucks rolling with it all, early lines baby, im tired and need to sleep, im not getting up to do shit but watch my recorded Serie A game on FSC thatll get recorded in the morning, and then start my day, so im getting shit now, I Got in Serie A allready too, just played 4 games, theyre in the Pcentre if you care, you can see what im on there Under TheStar

Its posted @ B2W, and its in my Picks Centre and Oddsmaker, the 5 totals i have i dont see at either of my sites yet, so ill have to get up and toss those in, but the 11 sides are in, but why not denote that all of it is in at Bet2win, ill get them in asap as well, so can i have a Sunday like that again? Man i Wish!!

Lets Fingers Crossed for and Oh Please as Usual on a Sunday which is meant to do just that anyway!!

Ciao! 2 Thumbs Up

No Totti? No Party!

Buona Fortuna!

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